Height Adjustable Desks

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Height adjustable desks made quite the impression when they were first introduced on the market. They made quite a big impact due to the uniqueness and functionality. In 2013 a study showed that standing at a desk instead of siting, burned an extra 50 calories an hour. There are proven health benefits to owning a height adjustable desk.

Edu-Care Recycling UK sometimes have these great desks in stock for sale.

Our industry experts Simon and Perry have a wealth of knowledge to share and will be giving insights into various products for sale on the web-store to help you make an informed buying decision.


Height Adjustable Desk Review 


Are they worth the extra money?


We feel they are, the reason being is the amount of health benefits you get from standing at your desk is very beneficial and sustainable.

we currently have 2 Height adjustable desks available priced at £90 each. This is excellent value because they retail at over £500 - do a quick Google search and you can see just how much people are willing to pay for them.


How tall can they go?

This will vary by desk, the ones we have in stock can adjust in height to 81cm


Pros and Cons



  • Height Adjustable 
  • Health benefits
  • Can use a treadmill while you type!


  • More Expensive than traditional desks


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